Boxer Dogs 101

Why should you call them the boxers?

Boxer dogs are quite famous globally. Its name should be attributed to two aspects of the breed. Firstly, the dog boxes with its front legs a bit, all in playful mode. Secondly, its face appears box like, compared to other breeds. The former aspect is agreed by the majority. Regardless of the reason, boxers are a lot of fun.

These are medium to large sized breed. It is characterized by its short hair and distinguished skull shape. It is originally from Germany, where it was used to seize large game. Boxers weigh over 60 or even 70 pounds. These are heavy dogs, which pack a lot of energy.

Easy to train, family dog

Boxer is a friendly breed that can easily become family dogs. By classification they are guard dogs for many reasons. Their suspicion of strangers, alert to imminent danger and agility are some of them. These intimidating beasts can exhibit charming and expressive cuteness as puppies. They love kids and serve as play mates for older kids.

Boxers are indeed kid friendly. Nevertheless, you can’t take its tolerance for granted. Teach your children how to approach dogs. Supervise interactions between the two personally. Even playfully, boxers can knock down smaller children due to their size. If raised along other smaller pets like cats, boxers can co-exist with them.

Comes with A multitude of health risks

Boxers are prone to health risks. Cancer and heart conditions are quite common. Be ready for a few trips to the vet. Cancer accounts for more deaths in boxer than old age. Cardiac condition is third on the list. Screening their breeding stock is preferred from breeders. It helps prevent the occurrence of these health issues in future generations.

Boxer dogs are like kids. They are always agile and athletic. They are restless in a cute way. They are extremely loyal and have incredible work ethic. These dogs are part of the working group, as put by American Kennel Club.

Its predecessors were the war dogs of Assyrian Empire. The history dates back to 2500 BE. In modern history, they are traced back to Germany of late 1800s. It was bred down by larger German dogs called Bullenbeisser. It was dubbed as the bull biter, which explains its purpose of then. Bullenbeisser is now an extinct breed.

Boxers in American territory

Boxers historically had a long list of jobs. It includes being a cattle dog, police dog, watchdog, war dog and companion for the disabled. In 1904, the first of boxers was registered with AKC. It was in the 50’s the breed garnered nationwide attention, courtesy of a boxer named Bang Away becoming a media celebrity. Since then it has always been in the top 10 popular dog breeds.
Boxers are the breed for everyone. It is an entertainer owing to its clownish antics. If you can keep it active, it is the right breed for you. Being a medium to large sized dog, it suits most dog owners and most environments.

Eric Watts